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Accessories / Satel GPS GNSS Radio, wireless modems

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Satel, Power and GPS Zenth 25, and Pro to Satel 35 watt radio
Satel power and GPS Receiver cable Quality USA made, cable that attaches the Satel Easy35 watt radio modem to the Zenith 25, or Zenith 25 PRO GNSS receiver With 12v Alligator clips Additional Product Info »
Price: $300.00
Satel-Satelline Survey RTK Rover, Base or Repeater Radio Modem
Features: SATEL-SURVEY Satelline Low power base or repeater   SATEL-EASy 3ASd Satel Satelline RTK Rover, Low Power base or Repeater UHF radio modem SATEL-EASy 3ASd Pro Radio Kit is the ... Additional Product Info »
Price: $1,995.00
GeoMax ZDC225 Satel Radio to Receiver Cable for GeoMax Zenith 25 Receiver
Features: Power cable for Satel GeoMax 35 watt radio to Zenith 25 GeoMax Receiver Powers the radio and provides GPS information from Receiver to Radio With alligator clips Additional Product Info »
Price: $170.00
Satel-Satelline Survey Epic Pro EASy 35 Watt
Features: Satel Survey Epic Pro EASy 35 Watt UHF 410-470 MHz RTK High Power Base/Repeater Radio RTK GPS Delectable new frequency range of 403-473 MHz Rugged field ready design ... Additional Product Info »
Price: $2,300.00
Satel Survey Satelline-EASy IP67 UHF Radio Modem
Features: SATEL IP67 classified UHF radio modem is a very compact radio modem for wireless data transfer. It has a 1 Watt transmitter, selectable channel spacing. It is based on SATELLINE-EASy and ... Additional Product Info »
Price: $1,650.00

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