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Accessories / Satel GPS GNSS Radio, and wireless modems

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Satel-Satelline RTK Rover, Low power base or Repeater Radio modem
Features: SATEL Low power base or repeater SATEL-EASy 3ASd Satel Satelline RTK Rover, Low Power base or Repeater UHF radio modem SATEL-EASy 3ASd Pro Radio Kit is the complete radio modem, ... Additional Product Info »
Price: $1,995.00
Satel-Satelline 3ASd Epic Pro EASy 35 Watt UHF 410-470 MHz RTK High Power Base/Repeater Radio RTK GPS
Features: Selectable new frequency range of 403-473 MHz Rugged field ready design featuring IP67 rating with compact aluminum case With Sokkia's GRX1 Long Range GPS/GNSS ... Additional Product Info »
Price: $2,300.00
Satel Satelline-EASy IP67 UHF Radio Modem with LCD for RTK
Features: Satel IP 67 Waterproff UHF RTK Modem Compact Proof Satelline-EASy IP67, with battery Classified housing with LCD 8-pin ODU for data 4-pin ODU for power with rechargeable battery ... Additional Product Info »
Price: $1,650.00
3ASd Satel EASy RTK Rover Radio, UHF 403-470MHz, 1 watt GPS/GNSS, Rover, Low power base or RTK repeater modem, antenna supplied
Features: 70 MHz tuning range  (403 thru 473 MHz) Selectable channel spacing  SATEL-EASy is compatible with widely used SATEL-3AS product line and SATELLINE products ... Additional Product Info »
Price: $1,595.00
Satel Antenna, UHF GainFlex 12" 435-470
Features: Satel GainFlex radio antenna 12" long allowing for higher gain for additional range with Satel EPIC and EASy radio modems ¼ Wave MultiFlex 6 Rubber Whip Antenna (TNC-Male) ... Additional Product Info »
Price: $91.80

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