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LN-100 Topcon Robotic 3D Layout Navigator (total station)

SKU: 213137112

The Topcon LN-100W is an easy-to-use tool dedicated to layout and collection of points for building construction. Whether it is used on or in the building, on the deck, for concrete, or basic layout for construction the Layout Navigator makes set-up easy. Just press the power button and the LN-100W self-levels. Fire-up the hand-held, touch-screen controller and you are ready to use a Robotic Layout Tool.

Priced much less than a Robotic Total Station, designed for Layout with Layout Software

LN-100 instrument only

LN-100W Complete Layout tool kit

Download LN 100 Layout Navigator

  • Description
    Overview for the Topcon Robotic LN-100 Layout Navigator with Wifi and Bluetooth
    The Topcon LN-100 Layout Navigator with Bluetooth & Wifi is a simple 3D laser positioning tool for all construction layout applications. Combining self-leveling laser and robotic total station technologies, this Topcon layout tool automatically turns to layout points and tracks a standard prism up to 328 feet working radius.
    It is self-leveling and has an accuracy of up to ±1/8 inch at 164 feet (±1.5 mm at 50m).
    With a built-in wireless ready connection, the LN-100W construction layout laser can be controlled using a data collector with Magnet Field surveying software or with the no-cost Android app called Magnet Construct.
    In addition, this Topcon layout navigator features an integrated laser plummet for quick tripod setups and a 360-degree horizontal coverage.
    Compact, rugged, and lightweight, the Topcon LN-100 robotic layout navigator has a completely sealed dust proof and water-resistant housing. Plus, has an easy-grip carrying handle and a battery life of up to five hours.
    Configuration Options
    The Topcon LN-100 Layout Navigator with Bluetooth & Wifi comes in two packages. Choose your preference
    213137112: LN-100W Only •
    1021062-01: LN-100W Kit This Topcon LN-100W package comes with an FC-5000 Data Collector, Ram Clip Mount,
    ATP2 360-Degree Prism,
    Robotic Carbon Fiber Pole,
    Extension leg Tripod,
    27mm Prism Pole Spacer,
    MAGNET Field Layout Solution, 12 Months
    Other less expensive packages available, and many other accessories give Benchmark Bob a call
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