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2136-6 INSIZE Electronic Digital Bore Gauge, 2-6", .0005 inch

SKU: 2136-6
Benchmark AZ / Gauges & Gadgets Is an Authorized Distributor for INSIZE Measuring and Testing Tools & Instruments
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  • Description
    • INSIZE 2136-6 can measure inch or metric Bore Range: 2-6" (50-100mm) Depth: 6"(150mm) .0005", and includes spare battery
    • Supplied in fitted storage case for easy handling
    • These INSIZE Electronic Digital bore gauges allow precise 3-point measurements of bores to within .0005" inch accuracy
    • INSIZE bore gauges feature a range capacity of 2 in. to 6 in., and have a depth capacity of up to 6 in. for checking bore tapers or for measuring main or rod bearing bore diameters

    GAUGES & GADGETS Division is an authorized distributor of INSIZE company limited. We are a dedicated to supplying you with the best measuring tools and testing instruments. We endeavor to provide you with the best customer service and efficient and effective tools to help you with your business. Benchmark AZ.

    INSIZE offers a one-year manufacturer's warranty

  • Specifications
    A dial bore gauge measures a cylinder bore, main cap or big end rod bore directly. The gauge has three symmetrical anvils that protrude from the gauge body that are connected to the dial, electronic or micrometer mechanism. As the tool is rotated or vertically moved, the anvils move in or out with respect to the measurements. The dial has a slipping mechanism to take the feel out of the device and increase reliability and repeatability between measurements. The measurement given is the mean diameter of the three anvils, and is read to .0005
    WARRANTY: INSIZE offers a one-year manufacturer's warranty.
    CALIBRATION & REPAIRS: PMI offers a complete calibration and repair service.
  • Downloads
    Anvil Type: D
    Indicator resolution:  0.0005” (0.002mm)
    Indicator range:  0-0.5”  (0-10mm)
    Indicator has rotary face, digital/analog display
    Auto power off
    Ceramic contact moving tip and anvils
    Insert type anvils for bore gauges over 1.375” (35mm)
    CR2032 battery

    WARRANTY: INSIZE offers a one-year manufacturer's warranty.
    CALIBRATION & REPAIRS: PMI offers a complete calibration and repair service.
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