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Benchmark AZ has been selling and leasing AGL/GeoMax and Carlson surveying Instruments, Total Stations, GPS/GNSS Receivers and Contractors' equipment for years, and have some alternatives for you. Typically the minimum amount is $5,000.00 and the length of time is 60 months. There are a number of possibilities including leasing and financing a purchase. 0% interest packages are available from time to time.

Benchmark AZ can give you basic information and rates. We have available two independent firms that have been working with surveying instruments for a long time and understand your business requirements. Give us a call to discuss your requirements and we can work together to find a package that fits best for you.

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Did you know?
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Conserve Working Capital:
When financing, you can help conserve your working capital. This will help you meet the day-to-day needs of your business.

Level Payments:
Monthly payments are fixed for the entire term of the contract. This enables you to budget and manage equipment dollars for the months and years ahead.

Hedge Against Inflation:
Pay for today's equipment needs with tomorrow's lower value dollars.

Preserve Bank Lines:
When financing with us, you leave your current bank lines open and available for other uses.

Equipment Pays for Itself:
When financing, the equipment pays for itself as it generates revenue.

A lease, in its simplest form, is a time pay contract, but with two differences: First, Lessor holds title to the equipment during the term of the rental period. Secondly, the client or Lessee has an option to purchase the equipment at the end of the rental term.

Although, many businesses lease due to the tax benefits, there are just as many leases written for small dollars (under $100,000) solely for favorable terms and ease of application and avoidance of using short-term working capital. Advance Acceptance - 888.705.0498

Lease vs. Loan vs. Buy

Quick facts regarding your financing options:

LEASE Advantages

  • Depreciation write-off or fully expense payments
  • 100% financing conserves capital. Terms available from 12 to 72 months!
  • No financial information typically required (under $75,000)
  • Preserves bank lines for unanticipated needs
  • Always fixed payments and allowance for early payoff without penalty
  • Easy add-ons, trade-ups, and flexible billing
  • Simple credit criteria based on time in business
  • Lease does not reflect on a personal credit report
  • Competitive pricing and FAST TURNAROUND (usually same day)

LEASE Disadvantages

  • Not favorable for new business unless properly structured

BANK LOAN Advantages

  • Direct ownership and depreciation write-off
  • Appropriate when bank lines are rarely utilized
  • Excellent for short term borrowing (12 months or less)

BANK LOAN Disadvantages

  • Payments may be variable, and terms restricted
  • Covenant restriction may encumber other assets
  • Exhausts credit lines and payments may not be fixed for term
  • May require compensating bank accounts, and down payments
  • Training, installation, freight, software (typically not financed)
  • Financial condition may hinder ability to borrow or renew lines


  • No finance charges
  • Direct Ownership
  • Depreciation write-off


  • Attacks cash reserves
  • Reduces investment leverage AND compound interest
  • No hedge against inflation
  • MOST EXPENSIVE after tax option
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