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SC-200 LSM Racing Valve Spring Removal Tools Chevy Big Block Jesel SC-200

SKU: SC-200

  • LSM developed the standard for changing valve springs with our innovative designs
  • The LSM Spring Removal Tools are simply the best quality and easiest to use
  • It makes changing valve springs a fast and simple one-person job
  • SC-200 LSM valve spring removal tool
  • Head On BB Chevy applications, by LSM
  • Big Block Chevy, with Jesel, T & D
  • SB2 w T&D SB2 with Jesel (Straight Rocker)
  • Chevy v^ w/Jesel, T & D
  • Yates Ford with Jesel, T & D
  • Clevland Ford with Jesel
  • P-5 Dodge with Jesel
  • Ford C-60 Exhaust only w T & D Jesel SC-500 exhaust
  • Product Description

  • Specifications
    Big Block Chevy with Jesel, T&D,
    SB2 w/T&D, SB2 with Jesel (Straight Rocker),
    Chevy V6 with Jesel, T&D,
    Yates Ford with Jesel, T&D,
    Cleveland Ford with Jesel, T&D,
    P-5 Dodge with Jesel,
    Ford C-460 exhaust only w/T&D, Jesel (SC-500 exhaust).

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