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AGL Agatec MR360RA Machine mounted Receiver, Detector

SKU: 1-16916
The AGL Agatec MR360RA offers accurate grade information for all visual machine control applications. Works with all lasers. Large 360° detection windows pick up any rotating laser, from any angle. Special plumb feature for Excavators shows when Dipper arm is plumb.
LED indicators show position of the cutting edge in relation to the laser reference beam. Arrows indicate which way to move the cutting edge to reach the reference plane. For excavators, the built-in vertical indicator monitors angle of the stick, saving money by reducing over-or under-cutting. Receiver has plumb LED indicator; remote display has direction arrows for plumbing up the dipper stick

Included items:
  • AGL Agatec MR360RA Receiver Detector
  • Magnetic Mounts (Clamp Mounts are Optional)
  • Battery Charger
  • Carrying Case
  • Owner's Manual
  • Optional cab remote display
  • Description
    • The AGL MR360R Machine Control Receiver Detector is a great Detector for excavators and back hoes.
    • 360 degree visual display machine control.
    • The MR360R's 360 degree large detection window picks up any rotating laser level beam from any clear angle.
    • Indicate receiver offers accurate grade control information for all visual machine control indicate applications.
    • Built in vertical indicator monitors the angle of the excavator dipper arm or stick, signaling if it is plumb or under or over extended.
    • LED indicators show position of the cutting edge in relation to the laser reference beam.
    • Percent of Grade information is provided at the laser transmitter.
    • The MR360R's memory stores the last signal received and LED arrows will indicate which direction to move to get back in contact with laser reference beam.
    • Seven display channels are provided to user in coarse mode while nine channels are provided in the fine mode allowing user to quickly and easily get on grade in coarse or fine modes.
    • Mounted to the machines dipper stick with powerful magnets, providing stability and accuracy.
    • A built-in vertical plumb indicator monitors angle of the dipper stick, signaling to you, if it's plumb, to avoid
    • under or over cutting.
    • The vertical position indicator on the dipper ensures consistent and accurate grade readings, saving time and money by reducing over cutting or under cutting.
    • A 5 degree plumb indicator LED ensures the user of a plumb dipper when checking grade.
    • Features full 360 degree coverage with a very large 9.75" capture window allowing user to have complete coverage.
    • 5 Bright LED indicators visually show position of the bucket or blade in relation to grade.
    • Clamp mounts and cab display are optional.
    • Rugged, waterproof construction, built-in shock mounts minimize machine vibrations and selectable accuracy (fine and coarse).
  • Specifications
    Accuracy *
    Fine: ± 1/8" - 1/2" (3 - 12 mm)
    Coarse: ± 3/16" - 1" (5 -25 mm)
    Operating distance *
    650' (200 m) varies with laser used
    Capture window
    9.75" (25 cm)
    Vertical indicator
    ± 5º
    Battery life
    Battery rechargeable Ni-Cad
    Approx. 40 hrs (depends on the using mode)
    16 hrs charging time
    Frequency range
    100' (30 m) between MR360R and MD360R
    Size; weight
    14.75" x 3" x 4.25" (37.5 x 7.5 x 10.7 cm); 4 lbs (1.8 kg)

    * Range and accuracy vary with laser used.
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