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Tripods & Bipods

Tripods – Worth Knowing Stability of Tripods The impact of tripods on the accuracy of measuring results is often underestimated. The degree of accuracy and precision can only be achieved with a combination of high-quality tripods and high-precision instruments.
Wood or Aluminum? The most precise measuring results can be reached by using a wooden tripod. In comparison to aluminum tripods, wooden tripods feature a better damping behavior and are less affected by temperature changes. For heavy-duty wooden tripods, Nedo uses only ash, a particularly hard-wearing wood with excellent material properties. Geodesists prefer the use of wooden tripods because of the superior material properties, whereas aluminum tripods are mostly used on construction sites, as they are light in weight and extremely hard-wearing. Details which matter Brass hinge pins are very robust and can withstand the surrounding load without any problems. Nedo tripods are equipped exclusively with brass hinge pins. Cheaper makes of tripods are usually equipped with dowels made of aluminum die casting or plastic which break under littlest stress. Quick-clamping levers on Nedo tripods are made of a high-tech plastic or aluminum die casting whereby Nedo has selected materials which are extremely hard-wearing and unbreakable. Cheaper makes of tripods are often produced with inferior materials which might look the same, but are of inferior quality and break very easily. The hooks for plumb bobs on all Nedo tripods can be moved sideways to allow work to be carried out with an optical plummet or a laser plummet. Tightening Screws The tripods are equipped with a 5/8" threaded retaining screw. The threads on all instruments and tripods are standardized.

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