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AGL Lasers EAGL 2000 Rotary Laser Level with LS100 Detector

AGL Laser Systems
SKU: 11-0376
The AGL Series of Lasers #2000, #3000, and ONE TOUCH, have been replaced by the AGL GEOMAX ZONE LASERS
Zone20, Zone40 and Zone60 G and Zone60 DG models
Please check them out at our website

A self leveling laser, the AGL EAGL 2000 features a leveling range of 2,000 ft with exceptional accuracy. Excellent for all leveling applications.

Included items:
  • AGL EAGL 2000 Rotary Laser Level
  • AGL LS100 Laser Detector
  • Rod Clamp
  • 4 D Alkaline Batteries
  • Laser Carrying Case
  • Owner's Manual
  • Two-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Description
    The AGL EAGL 2000 self leveling laser level is perfect for digging footings, fine grading, setting forms, setting anchor bolts to grade, aligning tilt-up walls, wet or laser screening of concrete and control of slip forming, and more.

    • A longer range of 2000' Diameter for larger jobs.
    • At 8 arc seconds, it is the world's most precise family of self leveling automatic lasers.
    • You get better than 1/16" accuracy (actually 1/20) regardless of how close your tripod is leveled.
    • H.I. Alert, Elevation Alert and windy conditions switch, are additional features of the AGL EAGL 2000.
  • Specifications
    Laser detector
    AGL LS100
    ± 8 arc sec, better than ± 1/16" in 100' - "Best in Class"
    Range (diameter)
    2,000' (600m)
    Horizontal self leveling range
    ± 7% (± 4º) 
    Laser beam and rotation speed
    Infrared, 785nm, 1mW, 600rpm
    Battery life
    100 hrs with 4 D-cells, 40 hrs with optional NiMH rechargeable battery
    Matching slope
    HI alert
    Windy mode
    Operating temperature
    -4º F to +122º F (-20º C to +50º C)
    Water and dust resistant
    8" h x 6.5" w x 6" d (20 x 16 x 15cm), 5 lbs (2.3kg)
    2 year
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