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Carlson Hybrid Module for Total Station GNSS usage

By now, you may have heard about putting the GNSS receiver on the top of the 360 prism and switching back and forth between the Two Sensors..
We now have Two products that are similar in the way this works.

BenchmarkBob would be happy to give you a brief description of how this works, just give me a call!!

Our Geomax Zoom90 or & Zoom70 Robotic TPS and Just about any of the newer GPS Systems
Geomax is offering through the Android program "X-Pole and Carlson using Hybrid+

Carlson Software introduces Hybrid+, a new paid module for SurvCE/SurvPC 6.0 that allows users to survey
using both GPS and Total Station at the same time with all SurvCE or SurvPC compatible drivers.
The Hybrid+ module incorporates a series of specially designed features to take advantage of the new multi-sensor setup
and add speed and efficiency to the data collection process. Included in the module is a setup wizard which guides users through instrument setup, synchronizing positions using auto-localization, hybrid resection, or hybrid localization, then finishes with a Cross Check.

  • Description
    Measurements from the GNSS receiver and the total station are time-synchronized for a one-tap resection measurement.“

    “Hybrid+ allows users to use what they have, with regard to Robotics and GPS receivers and gives them the freedom to choose how they want to survey.
    offers single button switching allowing users to switch instantly to GNSS when behind an obstruction or to the total station.

    An instrument status icon is available on the top menu bar at all times, showing the status of the RTS and GNSS receiver and allowing a switch between surveying modes.
    You don’t have to use a Carlson BRX6+ to use this feature most latest generation Receivers will work.
    Other features include:
    Follow Me – The Total Station will use the GPS position to continuously turn in the direction of the
    prism so that it is always pointed at the prism and ready to measure.
    Smart Lock – The Total Station will track the movement of the prism & GPS receiver, auto-detect when the user is slowing
    to take a measurement, and automatically turn and lock on the prism.
    Smart Staking – SurvCE/ SurvPC will use the position of the GPS receiver to maintain stakeout directions even when the
    prism is lost. When the software detects that the user is in close proximity to the target, the total station will automatically turn and lock on the prism, shifting the user back to high-precision total station stakeout.
    Cross Check – SurvCE /SurvPC will compare the position of the GPS receiver and Total Station on each measurement,
    protecting the user against false fixes and stray reflectors.

    If you find yourself waiting for the Robot to catch up if you loose lock ? no problem the GPS knows where you are !

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