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GNSS , GPS Receivers High Accuracy Systems, Rovers, Bases

Geomax Zenith40, The newest GNSS release from Geomax and NovAtel. NovAtels latest cutting edge receivers
with 555 channels and PPP Precise Point Positioning. 2.5 cm Horizontal, 5cm vertical, without RTK or post processing.

Geomax Zenith35 Pro TILT&GO
, Measure hidden points with tilted pole, Precise electronic bubble, FULL CONNECTIVITY, Control with any Wi-Fi® device, Easy to set up and connect, SUPERIOR Novatel PERFORMANCE, All satellite systems supported, Selectable RTK modes.

The GeoMax Zenith16 is a complete and fully integrated GNSS receiver, allowing tracking GPS and GLONASS systems. Available as GSM or GSM-UHF Model Zenith16 is your economic Receiver choice. COMPACT Integrated GSM antenna Quick swappable SIM & microSD card, Complete control with receiver keypad, HIGH PERFORMANCE, NovAtel® technology, GPS, GLONASS & SBAS, GSM/GPRS, UHF radio & Bluetooth®, MIX & MATCH, Combine with your preferred datalogger Carlson, Mini2, or Surveyor2, Juniper Allegro, a variety of Geomax Collectors, and software, Open connectivity, Complete setup flexibility.

The all-new IGage is a multi-GNSS, multi-frequency smart antenna, just released by IGageMapping Inc.
The contains a multi-constellation, multi-band 372-channel GNSS receiver, Athena© RTK technology and an integrated Atlas© L-band receiver. In addition, the IGage IG9 contains electronic sensors that measure tilt, direction (electronic compass) , fully supporting SurvCE’s advanced features like LDL (Live Digital Level or e-bubble), leveling tolerance, auto by level, tilted pole correction and advanced stakeout features. SurvCE contains sophisticated checks for compass and acceleration anomalies to ensure accuracy. IG9, &Ig9a, Zenith40 and Zenith35 PRO and Zenith16 Designed for use by surveyors, contractors, builders, and engineers, the IGage IG9a and Zenith16 deliver the highest positional accuracy at an affordable price.

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