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Nedo Tall elevating Tripod for 3D Laser Scanners,13' height or in manholes

SKU: 210710
The new #210710 Nedo Industrial Line elevating tripod is designed especially for the use of 3D laser scanners. The laser scanner can be mounted either at the top or at the bottom of the elevating column ensuring maximum
When mounted at the top, the laser scanner can be easily lifted to desired working height. The indirect gear unit allows for maximum convenience.
For stability reasons, the maximum working height is limited to 13’.
For shaft applications, the laser scanner can be mounted at the bottom of the elevating column. 4 extensions are included.

This Nedo Laser industrial elevating tripod is excellent for laser scanning instruments in industrial surveying and engineering applications.
Quick release adapters for Leica, Faro, Trimble are available, These adapters eliminate the screwing on of the Laser scanning instrument
  • Description
    • The toothed column extends to almost any length. Additional rack elements are inserted into the elevating head and securely connected to the previously inserted toothed column element with the aid of an innovative locking device. For even more comfort, the laser scanner can be lifted with a cordless power drill. A proper screw bit to replace the crank is supplied as a standard. Nedo advises a maximum usable height of 13'
    • New NEDO Elevating Tripod #710210 has been designed for new scanning instruments requiring tripods that allow for easy lifting and lowering of heavy-duty laser scanners.
    • When working with laser scanners, elevating tripods have to cope with a higher load, which can result in greater wear and tear in the gear unit. These tripods can handle loads of up to 45 lb.
    • This industrial line is a new series of tripods perfectly adjusted to the meet the special requirements of laser scanners or heavy-duty instruments.
    • Inside and Outside Usage.
    • Optional Wheel and Dolly package.
    • Nedo manufacturers high tech products in plants in Germany and Switzerland. Nedo's quality management system is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.
    • The Industrial Line Elevating tripod is equipped with a twist proof elevating column with centric clamping and combi feet for all terrain use.
    • Heavy duty crank mechanism, Indirect gear for easy lift.
    • Reinforced gear for extra durability.
    • Twist proof elevating column.
    • Extension column for attaching Laser scanner to the bottom of the tripod for use in manholes.
    • Com-bi Shoes for all terrain use.
    • Carrying Strap for easy handling.
    • Circular bubble for quick setup.
    • Break proof quick release levers aluminum.
    • Quality made in Germany.
    • Supports 45 lbs (20 kg) -- Laser Scanners typically weigh 20-40 lbs (9.8kg).
  • Specifications
    Minimum effective height
    3.44' (1.05 m)
    Maximum effective height
    8.43' (2.57 m)
    Closed length
    4.20' (1.28 m)
    Weight 21 lbs (9.2 kg)
    45 lbs (20 kg)

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