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Pro Shot Alpha-c Cone Laser Level 1.7 % with R9 Detector

Laser Reference ProShot
SKU: 020-0020-C-1.7
It is our understanding that ball fields usually use a percent of grade between .5 and 1.5 %. The 1.7 version would be the right one for this. the setting of the slope is more precise using the 1.7% model,

The Pro Shot Alpha C Cone Laser version 1.7%, a custom made, specialty laser used to provide a conical reference
for the curved portion of running tracks, containment areas around storage tanks, or baseball or softball fields. It is a high accuracy, servo leveled automatic laser for the most demanding leveling or grade checking operations. The Alpha c can also be used as a conventional laser level when the cone rotor is replaced with the standard rotor cap.
The Proshot Alpha works great in Machine Control applications such as tractors and back-hoes with Back Buckets
Available in and 4 percent models
The 4% model can be set to 1.5 or 1.75%

  • Description
    • The Alpha-c cone laser has replaced the L6C cone laser.
    • This Special cone rotor provides ±1.7% cone angle, (#020-0020-C-1.7) and there is an standard resolution rotor that provides ±4 % (#020-0020-C-4).
    • The Alpha-c will function as a conventional laser level if the cone rotor is replaced with the included conventional rotor cap.
    • The prime uses of the Alpha C are baseball fields, the curved portion of running tracks, and containment areas around storage tanks.
    • The cone can be set to plus or minus 1.7% cone.

    • Includes:
    • Pro Shot Alpha-c Laser Level
    • Pro Shot R9 Laser Receiver Detector
    • Rod Clamp
    • Laser Carrying Case
    • Owner's Manual
  • Specifications
    Laser receiver / detector
    Pro Shot R7 or R-9
    Horizontal accuracy
    ± 10 arc sec (± 1/16" per 100') (± 1.5mm per 30m)
    Range with detector (diameter)
    2000' (610m)
    Cone slope capability
    ± 1.7%, 1/10% increments
    Leveling technology; range
    Servo motor self leveling; ± 5º
    Height alert Normally active, can be disabled
    Slope matching; range
    Single axis with X-axis self leveled; 8%
    Rotation coverage
    Laser beam type; rotation speed Visible 670nm; 500rpm
    Laser classification
    CDRH Class 3A, IEC Class 3R
    Machine control compatible
    Yes, with most modern systems
    Battery life
    75 hrs with 4 C-cells, 48 hrs with optional Ni-MH rechargeable battery
    Operating temperature
    -4º F to +140º F (-20º C to +60º C)
    Water and dust resistant IP56
    Warranty 24 month defects coverage
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