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Seco or David White Laser Column Clamp (4852-15)

SKU: 485215
This adjustable column clamp is used for ALL brands of lasers, Total Stations and theodolites . It works with all surveying instruments and lasers with a 5/8" x 11" base, and is ideal for lasers and theodolites for high rise construction. either David White SitePro or Seco
  • Description
    • The #4852-15 Laser Column Clamp is lightweight and stable with height adjustment.
    • Typically used to mount laser levels to vertical steel columns.
    • Column clamp is much easier to mount and less expensive than the older style Trimble Spectra unit.
    • The column clamp is designed to fit both round and square column types.
    • The center line of the 5/8x11 stud to column measures 6.5 in (16.5 cm).
    • The column rotates to orient the instrument when needed, and features 1 ft (30 cm) graduated height adjustment.
    • A ratchet strap quickly tightens the 4852-15 into place to columns with diameters up to 20 inches (0.5 m).
    • "Nail holes" in the clamp body allow for the attachment to wood corners, and is constructed of aluminum and stainless steel.
    • The #4852-15 Laser Column Clamp is a lightweight and easy-to-use solution to free up floor or ground space when setting up your 5/8" x 11" laser level or theodolite instrument.
    • Use the column clamp, instead of a tripod, to take advantage of the excellent stability and support that columns offer your instrument.
    • This highly portable accessory gives you another option for stable mounting of laser levels and theodolites.
  • Specifications
    Instrument compatibility
    5/8" x 11" base
    Height adjustment
    1' (30 cm)
    Weight 5.10 lbs (2.32 kg)
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