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DS03 Precise First order level, 42X, precise reading .3mm Std. Dev.

Benchmark AZ
SKU: 108104
Designed for the highest accuracy in geodesy, the first and second geodetic leveling of national networks. Model DS03 Automatic Level, is designed for the highest precision; It can be used for, engineering and deformation surveys, such as height control for engineering projects, deformation, and subsidence measurements, checking bridges and structures, monitoring movements, etc. It is also used for general construction engineering and installation of large size machines.
  • Description
    It can be used for, and is adoptable for the first and second geodetic leveling of national networks.
    Built in parallel micrometer for precise reading.
    Reading to .1mm directly and .01mm by estimation.
    The DS03 is best used with Invar staffs or scales.
    The standard deviation in double run leveling is +-.3mm.

  • Specifications
    Water and dust protection to       IP55
    Working temperature                  -30to+50c
    Image                                       Erect
    Setting accuracy of compensator   .2 seconds
    operating time                            10 hours
    Shortest focusing                         1.6m
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