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Benchmark FOIF Vertical Zenith Nadir Laser Plummet for high-rise construction

Benchmark AZ
Based on DZJ2,and DZL3 FOIF has released a new laser plummet with more advantages.
DZJ200 offers the high precision "Up" or Zenith sightings.
DZJ200 has both up and down laser beams, as well as an optical focus-able sighting through the lens telescope.
It is easy to locate points vertically above and directly below a given reference point. The visible laser makes
your work more direct and convenient.
The DZJ200 is widely used in construction, project supervision, deformation observation, such as high-rise building,
elevator, mine, water tower, chimney, etc.

This laser plummet is the ideal instrument to transfer reference points during high-rise construction, tunneling,
towers and anywhere you need accurate precision vertical alignment, Designed for sighting up, the
focusable optical telescope crosshairs will allow you to focus the beam for accurate sighting.
We have been importing these lasers for many years and this is the first time that the Tariffs has
added significantly to the pricing.
Since most of the surveying and construction measuring instruments are imported from somewhere
look for pricing to increase,
We at Benchmark AZ will continue to offer the Best pricing, support, and assistance in helping you
order the correct tool.
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  • Description
    • The Benchmark Vertical Zenith Nadir Laser Plummet has a small diameter and focusing Red Beam Laser
    • for high-rise and tower alignment.
    • Easy to use with two laser plummets (up / down).
    • Laser dot visible up 375' (120 m).
    • To use, you simply set up over your control point, level the laser plummet horizontally using the three
    • leveling screws, and 20" second precise level vial, and switch on.
    • The Laser beam and 26x optical system can be focused on the "up" target or Laser Plummet for down viewing.
    • The internal laser filter allows the laser dot to be be seen with the crosshair of the instrument.
    • The eye piece allows the user to conduct optical observations using the 26x magnification eye piece.
    • Depending upon the conditions, the laser beam can be viewed up to 120m during the day or 250m during night conditions.
  • Specifications
    Image inverted, magnification 25x, effective aperture 30mm resolving power 4" field of view 1º 30'
    Minimum focus
    3.2' (1m)
    Measuring method
    Laser and optical, focusing of both the laser and image
    5" sec 1:40,000 (1mmx40m)
    Sensitivity of vial
    Plate vial 20" / 2mm, circular vial 8' / 2mm
    Optical plummet
    Magnification 3x, minimum focus 1.5' (.5m) accuracy 1mmx1.5m
    Vertical laser
    Spot size diameter @ 130' 5/32" (40m 4mm)
    Spot size diameter @ 320' 15/64" (100m 6mm)
    wave length 635nm
    Range of laser
    Day time use (hazy) 395' (120m)
    Night time use 987' (300m)
    Alkaline battery voltage DC 3v (2 AA Batteries)
    Weight of instrument
    6.2lbs (2.9kg)
  • Downloads

     DZJ200 Brochure
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