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LaserLine Quad 1000 Precision Verticle Plumb Laser Level

LaserLine Manufacturing
SKU: 4001-0000
The 4001-0000, Quad 1000 is a 5 arc second zenith Nadir laser featuring electronic servo self-leveling with variable temperature compensation for the most accurate and consistent readings. The Quad 1000 Precision Vertical Plumb Laser is used for Zenith observations. Laser plummet and trivet for quick setup over a point
in stock fourth Quarter Special
Check out youtube video Laserline Hensel Phelps Quad1000

Included items:
  • LaserLine Quad 1000 Laser Level
  • Trivet Floor Mount
  • 2 Target Templates
  • Laser Carrying Case
  • Owner's Manual
  • Two-Year Warranty
  • Plumb Beam UP Spot Size: At Source (.500” / 12.7mm)
    • (Nominal) @300' .375" approximatly 3/8" at 300 feet
    • 500' .500" (1/2")
    • 700' .687" (5/8")
    • 900' .875" (3/4")
    • 1,200' 1.15"

    • Got any questions call Benchmark Bob (aka laserman)
    • Video quad1000 setup
  • Description
    LaserLine's Quad 1000 Precision Vertical Plumb Laser is used for Zenith observations. Specific applications include tower work, highrise work, elevator shaft, construction, vertical piping construction, vertical cable ducts, and transfer of vertical survey points to ground and ceiling work. Please call Benchmark Bob for more information,or check price in cart or call benchmark Bob @ 480-751-9500 for our lowest and best price for this exceptional laser.

  • Specifications
    Self leveling
    Electronic servo with variable temperature compensation
    Plumb beam up accuracy
    ± 5 arc sec ( ± 1/32 per 100')
    Plumb beam up range
    1,20' (366m)
    Plumb beam down accuracy / range
    1 arc min at 15' (4.57m)
    Laser type / class
    635nm / CDRH Class 3A / IEC 825-1 Class 3R
    4 D-cell alkaline batteries / 140 hrs. battery life
    Operating temperature
    0º - 122º F (-18º to 50º C)
    9.25 L x 6.5 W x 6.5" H, 7.25lbs (3.28k)
    Water and dust resistant IP65
    Warranty 2 year
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