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Quad 1000HDU Zenith UP laser for High Rise,Plumb or Mining Alignment

LaserLine Manufacturing
SKU: Quad 1000HDU
  • Laserline Quad1000HDU Precision Laser plummet 5 second plumb up accuracy 5" seconds is better
  • than 1/16" @ 100'
  • For for Highrise construction, Tunneling, Towers, Mine Shafts or anywhere you need accurate precise
  • vertical alignment shooting UP
  • High-precision HDU laser with visible laser beams (downward) beam like a laser Plummet to help with setup
  • The Quad 1000 HDU offers the highest level of plumb precision in its class: 5" seconds above and 1 minute below
  • Since laser beams are directed both up and down, it is easy to locate points vertically above from a given point on the ground
  • The Zenith Laser Plummet is used for vertical alignment plumbing through extended heights for high rise constructon, Elevator shafts, Mining Shafts where long distances are required 2000' feet UP
  • This is particularly useful for the Builder or Surveyor when working with heights that are inaccessible or too large to plumb with string line
For 2000' down laser for construction and mining see Quad1000 HDD
  • Description
    Laser Beam Size 1.1"@ 1000 feet
    Laser Beam Size 1.4"@ 1500 feet
    Laser Beam Size 1.7"@ 2000 feet

    Self Leveling: Electronic servo with variable temperature compensation
    Plumb Beam Accuracy of 1/32" per 100'
    Power source 12vdc or 110-220Vac laser power 4.5mw
    Operating Temp 0-122 deg
    Storage Temp -4 to +158 deg
    Height 8" Width 6" Width handles 9"
    Weight 10.5 Lbs
    IP67 Dust and waterproof, dry nitrogen filled
    Warranty 24 months
    Benchmark AZ an Authorized dealer of LaserLine Mfg,
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