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Geomax Zeta pipe laser with standard target accessories

SKU: 6010625
The GeoMax Zeta125 Series Pipe Laser provides ±10 arc second accuracy which boasts great functionality and versatile configuration, ideal for control and of grades and drainage systems. It offers maximum productivity with its fast self-leveling laser that can reach up to 900 feet and percent of grade of -15% to +45%. Offers percent to 3 places (.001%)

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    Features:Range up to 900 feet,
    ±10 arc second accuracy,
    Self-leveling ranging from -15% to +45%, Grade range -10% to +40%,
    Includes remote control,
    Fits in 5-inch diameter pipes,
    Large LCD display with back-light,
    Li-Ion battery pack with charger,
    5/8-11 tripod thread,
    1-year manufacturer's warranty,

    Technical Specifications:,
    Accuracy:±1/16 inch at 100 ft (± 1.5 mm/30 m), 10 arc seconds,
    Self-Leveling Range: -15% to +45%,
    Protection Class: IP68, Weight: 4.5 lbs. (2.07 kg), Dimensions: 12"L x 4.1"W x 4.4"H,
    Operating Temperature: 122°F to -4°F (+50°C to -20°C),
    Tripod Thread: 5/8" x 11,Diameter:
    5 inches, Cross Axis Leveling: 6 degrees
    Automatic, Autotarget System,
    Automatic Alignment,
    Laser Color: Red, Laser
    Rotation Speed: 1250 rpm,
    Type/Wavelength: Class 3R,Grade
    Entry: Digit select, Display:
    Percent, Azimuth Range: 20 ft at 100 ft (6 m to 30 m),
    Range: +40% to -10%,
    Rechargeable Battery/Life:40 hours,
    Power Cord: 12V,
    Thread Mount: 5/8 x 11,
    Remote Control Operating Range: 600 ft. front through the pipe; 25 ft. from rear,
    Remote Control takes 3 AA alkaline,
    Display: LCD display,
    Auto Targeting: Yes,
    Rotating Laser: Yes,
    Universal Target: 6" - 10", /12" - 15",

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