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Geomax ZONE 75 DG (No remote)

SKU: 6017595
ZONE75 DG Capable of operating at a speed of 15 rps (rotations per second), the Zone75 DG is a perfect fit for machine guidance solutions. With a laser beam that is stable over longer distances, it is especially suited for land levelling and agriculture applications. For optimal land use, Zone75 DG not only gives you a reference for horizontal planes but also for slopes up to 15%.
  • Description

    Beam catch and lock

    Using the ZRD105B receiver, one can tilt the laser beam to the desired slope thanks to its beam-catch functionality. With the beam-lock feature, your laser is monitored and will send an alarm as soon as it has been moved.

    Fully automatic in both axes

    The laser rotator works fully automatically and enables you to complete your grading tasks easily and accurately. For optimal land use, Zone80 DG provides references for the horizontal planes and slopes in both axes up to 15%.


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