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Land leveling system, entry level

SKU: 6015001
The ZEN10 is a machine guidance system that is made for individuals who are looking to reduce the time and improve the quality of leveling or shaping their agricultural fields or their construction sites. This entry level system allows land-leveling tasks to be completed more precisely and efficiently without having to make a substantial financial investment. The easy setup of receiver, control box and mast allows the user to start leveling right away without the need to hire a service technician.
  • Description
    In agriculture, there is increased pressure for continuous improvement and higher crop yields. As such, leveling and shaping the ground has to be done well so that the use of water is optimized. The workflow also has to be sped up in order to increase operational efficiency. The first step of any construction project would be to level and shape the ground to prepare the site -- there is always a trade off between the time spent and the quality of the results.
    For construction pads and ball fields
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