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LaserLine Quad4000 Long range, One-Man Layout & Control Laser

LaserLine Manufacturing
SKU: Quad4000

LaserLine Quad4000 One-Man Layout & Control Laser, Long Range

Laser Layout Tools for Construction

The Quad 4000 will save you time and money on every project! Square your job, control elevation, snap your lines and plumb the structure with just one man at one time, with one laser, from one setup. On top of that, it’s easy to use and it’s accurate. THERE IS NOTHING ELSE LIKE IT!

Locks on to laser detector at 500'

Supplied with Tripod and Storm laserometer with DIGITAL readings

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QUAD4000 USER Manual

Download Laserline Quad 4000 brochure

  • Product Description

  • Specifications
    Depending on conditions and laser detector Plumb Accuracy: ±3/32” per 100’ (± 2.25mm per30m)
    Square Accuracy: ±1/16” per 100’ (±1.5mm per 30m)
    Operating Temp: 0° to +120° F (18° to +50° C)
    warranty : 2 Years For
    full list of specifications see QUAD 4000 “Brochure”

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