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LS-80X Laser Sensor

SKU: 1046259-01

Topcon LS-80X Laser Receiver Sensor Detector Handheld

The Topcon LS-80X Laser Receiver Sensor Detector is able to allow you to have a longer range when using a red beam rotary laser. The unit can be adjusted for either a fine or course band, which will help improve the accuracy. It has an audible notice for the height, to make sure it is adjusted properly The Newly improved LS-80X has a rear mounted speaker with a louder setting for a louder audible tone on noisy jobsites where the audible tone is hard to hear. You can select from 11 different channels to display the data on the LCD display. The LS-80 provides exactly the information needed at the leveling pole, including alerts for situations involving heights, out-of-range locations, and low batteries. And it’s job site ready ­– rugged, water and dust resistant, and usable with most conventional rotating lasers.

  • Description
    • Increase range of rotary laser working range of up to 2,620 feet
    • New improved and louder audible on-grade tone.
    • IP-66 rating against dust and water
    • Protective case
    • 5 levels of LCD display precision
    • Compatible with Topcon RL-H5A, RL-H5B, & other red beam lasers
    • 2 levels of on-grade precision: fine or coarse

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