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Heavy Duty Elevating Nedo Aluminum Tripod, 40-116"

SKU: 210678-185
Elevating Tripods, Elevator Tripods, Adjustable Tripod

This Nedo heavy-duty aluminum tripod is ideal for lasers, interior lasers and machine control laser levels. The new model features an indirect gear unit which allows to lift and lower even heavy lasers with less force. The new elevating tripod is equipped with a more durable full aluminum elevating column without plastic inserts.

This product replaces part-number 210670-185. The total length, the weight and the price remain unchanged.
  • Description
    • Perfect for construction, concrete construction machine guidance and any applications requiring consistent height of instrument requirements.
    • High quality proven design and light weight when compared to the older "Spectra" Type wooden tripods.
    • More stable in windy environments, especially at the taller heights.
    • Combi-feet for all terrain.
    • Recommended for all instruments and laser levels.
    • Nedo Tripods are of superior quality and made in Germany.
    • 40"-116"
  • Specifications
    Minimum effective height
    Maximum effective height
    112" (9.3')
    Closed length
    44" (3.6')
    Weight 15 lbs
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