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Pro Shot AS2 single grade slope rotary Laser Level, 10% with R9 Detector

Laser Reference ProShot
SKU: 300-0000S
The ProShot AS2 Laser levels from Laser Reference are precision instruments that provide speed, accuracy and durability on the job-site. Construction lasers that combine the most desirable features, durability, accuracy and at the best price in the market. Incorporated in 1991, Laser Reference has sold over 90,000 laser transmitters worldwide. Free UPS USA Shipping!

A precision single slope laser, the Pro Shot AS2 Magnum allows you to dial in up to a 25% slope with resolution down to .01%.

  • Pro Shot AS2 Laser Level
  • Pro Shot R9, Laser Receiver Detector
  • Rod Clamp
  • Four C-Cell Batteries
  • Laser Carrying Case
  • Owner's Manual
  • Three-Year Guardian Warranty

  • Description
    The Pro Shot™ AS2 laser level is the class leader for delivering value in a precision slope laser. You can enter the grade with up to 25% with resolution down to .01%. That is fine enough to set specified slopes straight from an engineer's cut sheet on a sanitary sewer project. This servo self leveling laser won't let you down, with degrading accuracy as higher slopes are entered, like its competitors. It is also fully self leveling when slope is dialed-in. Many contractors only need to slope the grade in one direction. In this case the Pro Shot AS2 and AS2 Magnum fit the bill for easy and accurate slope lasers.

    • The Pro Shot AS2 works for the large grading, basements, underground, pipe laying, and utility trenching operations range of 2000' dia.
    • Line up the laser, dial in your percent of grade and the beam is set to that percentage.
    • No slope matching necessary.
    • The AS2 Magnum can also shoot compound (Dual slope) grades when paired with the optional S1 Adapter.
    • Includes calculation chart for easy input & reference.
    • Made in the USA.
    • Benchmark Bob says: "I like this unit up to 10%, single grade, over 10% you have to tilt the tripod."
  • Specifications
    Laser receiver / detector
    Pro Shot R7
    Range with detector (diameter)
    2000' (610m)
    ± 14 arc sec (± .080" per 100') (± 2.0mm per 30m)
    Slope capability
    0 to 25% single axis, .01% increments
    Self leveling type; range
    Servo motor; ± 4º
    Height alert
    Normally active, can be disabled
    Rotation coverage
    Laser beam type; rotation speed
    Visible 670nm; 600rpm
    Laser classification
    CDRH and IEC Class 2
    Machine control compatible
    Yes, used with many brands of receivers
    Battery life
    115 hrs with 4 C-cells, 85 hrs with optional Ni-MH rechargeable battery
    Operating temperature -4º F to +140º F (-20º C to +60º C)
    Water and dust resistant
    36 month Guardian
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