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Sokkia Precision B20 Automatic level with OM5 Metric micrometer

SKU: 738320-0M5
Perfect for high precision leveling, The Sokkia Topcon OM5 Optical Micrometer mounts on the
B20 automatic level telescope allowing for staff readings in increments of 0.1mm.
Ideal for deformation studies or industrial measuring tasks, this optical parallel plate micrometer
also improves the accuracy of the Sokkia B20 auto level from 0.7mm to 0.5mm per kilometer double run leveling.
The OM5 enables surveyors and construction and Industrials professionals to achieve the highest accuracy
when using metric level rods or staffs.
  • Description
    This product number is for the B20 precision level and Metric Optical Micrometer
    Call Bob for details

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