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Sokkia SDL30 Electronic Digital Bar code Level 32x

SKU: 2112330B0
The Sokkia SDL30 barcode digital level offers high accuracy in adverse conditions. The Sokkia SDL30 digital level produces the best results in low light conditions, or under tree cover.
Featuring 32x magnification, the SDL30 is suited for surveying and construction. The SDL30 is used by many U.S. Government agencies for precise watershed surveys, like the USGS
  • Description

    Sokkia SDL30 Digital Level, Barcode Electronic Digital level

    • This Electronic Digital surveying instrument reads a Sokkia patented RAB Code Bar Code Staff or Level Rod for fast and precise elevation readings
    • The Sokkia Electronic digital display shows the height, elevation and distance to the level rod from the SDL30 digital level.
    • The Sokkia Electronic Automatic level SDL30, has been designed to provide unwavering accuracy in the field, even with adverse operating environments. Compare the Sokkia SDL30 with any digital level and see for yourself
    • The Sokkia SDL30 has the best reading in shadows and low light conditions. Fiberglass, Invar and Aluminum staffs are available
    • The World’s First “Wave-and-Read” Technology, The Sokkia SDL30 tracks the RAB-Bar code staff when waved forward and back, and automatically reads the correct height
    • The reading is at the minimum when the staff stands vertically, and the Sokkia SDL30 automatically finds the least value of staff readings
    • This technology eliminates the need for keeping a staff plumb, further enhancing work efficiency, productivity and measurement accuracy
    • For Metric Staffs see # 210154400 and 210154500

    Click here for Sokkia SDL30 brochure

  • Features
    Electronic Digital Levels, are suited for various environments from low light to bright sunlight and artificial light. Use for construction, surveying or engineering.
    .6mm double run leveling accuracy with Invar Rods. 1mm with Fiberglass rods, on a closed 1km loop.
    Long battery life of 8.5 hours.
    On-board storage and programs for elevations and line leveling.
    Since the SDL30 is a digital instrument, readings can be in feet or meters, resolution to .1mm or .001 ft.
    For land surveying, engineers, surveyors, construction, builders, who want the best.
    The Sokkia SDL30 has been used by the USGS as a standard for many years.

  • Specifications
    32X magnification with Sokkia's superior optics
    Long battery life of 8.5 hours.
    Short focus distance of 1.5m from end of telescope* makes it easiest to use in confined locations.
    Two knobs of endless horizontal motion drives can be operated with either hand for fast and easy aiming. reduces operator's eye strain.
    Accuracy SDL30 .6mm double run leveling accuracy with Invar Rods, .1mm with Fiberglass rods, on a closed 1km loop
    .3" second setting accuracy of the compensator.
    (this is the repeatability of the compensator) Questions about accuracy? give Benchmark Bob a call.
    Range 100m 330' under good conditions
    IPX4 Dust and water protection
    weight 5.3 lbs.

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