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LV1 Sokkia Precision Zenith Laser Plummet, Vertical / Plumb Laser Zenith for Highrise Construction and Towers, Mining

SKU: 745010
  • Description

    • Sokkia LV1 Precision Laser plummet 5 second plumb up accuracy 5" seconds is better than 1/16" @ 100'
    • Great for for Highrise construction, Tunneling, Towers or anywhere you need accurate precise vertical alignment
    • High-precision LV1 Sokkia laser with twin visible laser beams (upward & downward)
    • Sokkia's LV1 offers the highest level of plumb precision in its class: 5" seconds above and 1 minute below
    • Since laser beams are directed both up and down, it is easy to locate points vertically above from a given point on the ground
    • The Sokkia Zenith Laser Plummet HV-1 is used for vertical alignment plumbing through extended heights
    • This is particularly useful for the Builder or Surveyor when working with heights that are inaccessible or too large to plumb with string lines
    • The instrument is also used for construction of vertical shafts and similar structures like massive vertical Cable Ducts or Elevator paths
    • Application Examples: Tower work, Highrise work, Elevator Shaft, Construc
    • The Sokkia LV1 Precision Laser plummet is a 5 second plumb up accuracy and is better than 1/16" @ 100'.
    • This plummet laser is great for for Highrise construction, Tunneling, Towers or anywhere you need an accurate precise vertical line or point
    • tion, Vertical Piping Construction, Vertical Cable Ducts, Transfer of Vertical Survey points to ground and Ceiling work

    This instrument has been discontinued, Quad1000 #4001-000 & AlphaV #0020-0020cv2
  • Specifications
    Sokkia LV1 precision Zenith plummet. Three power supply choices for long continuous operation
    Compact, lightweight design, 5.5 lbs. & proven water-resistance
    Unbeatable Plumb Accuracy. 5 seconds, better than 1/16" at 100'
    Visible beam, the small-diameter of the visible beam (7mm upward diameter, 2mm downward diameter) facilitates positioning. Sokkia Precision LV1 pendulum compensator for high reliability, Sokkia magnetically and air dampened for greater stability on highrise projects, over 300' feet plumb up range. Simple push-button operation.
    Waterproof to IP X4 for water resistance
    Tilt alarm if laser is bumped or disturbed.
    Autopower cutoff after 30 minutes after error message
    80 Hours on Alkaline batteries, 30 hours on rechargable
    Optional Rechargable battery BDC39 #740139 and Charger #740074
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