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Apache Storm (DRO)Laserometer Laser Detector from SECO/Trimble

SKU: ATI994000-02
iDirect Reading in Inches, 100ths, metric, or Fraction, we've got you covered!
Apache SECO builds the toughest and most accurate laser detection products in the world. With the Storm DRO Laserometer, accuracy, toughness, and reception height have all been redefined - at an affordable price.
Offers direct digital readout of the cut or fill in the target area
Apache, Spectra, SECO are owned by Trimble, Storm the original digital laser detector

Included items:
  • Apache SECO Trimble DRO Storm Laserometer Laser Detector
  • Direct numerical readout PLUS OR MINUS, FRACTION, INCHES, TENTHS, METRIC
  • Rod Clamp
  • Three-Year Warranty
  • Owner's Manual
  • Made in the USA

  • Description
    • Laserometer Red Apache Storm Laser Receiver Detector, Trimble HL-750.
    • Increase your productivity with faster grade checks.
    • The Apache Storm DRO Laserometer eliminates the guess work out of checking grade or setting forms with instant and accurate information which will save you time, money, and materials.
    • Versatile, works with all rotating lasers.
    • 5 accuracy settings, tolerances to meet your job site needs.
    • With its large pickup area, you'll pick up the Laser beam sooner even at long distances. PLUS you get numeric cut or fill right on the receiver display, without moving the rod.
    • Digital Read out: (DRO) not only will you be able to tell if you are high, low, or on-grade, you will be able to tell by EXACTLY HOW MUCH (inches, hundredths, or metric).
    • The best clamp included with patented reversible mounting jaws. Vise like grip on all sizes and shapes of rods, including round and oval.
    • Waterproof and dust-proof 100% to IP67 standard: dunk it, scrub it, hose it off -- it can take it.
    • Tough: we expect it to be dropped, kicked, and splattered with concrete. It's the toughest detector you can buy.
    • If it breaks within 3 years, we will fix it or replace it. No excuses.
    • Benchmark Bob says, "This is not only our best seller, but the finest receiver made!"
    • Purchase your AGL or Pro Shot laser level with the optional laser receiver Laserometer.
  • Specifications
    Ultra Fine: 1/32" (0.5 mm)
    Super Fine: 1/16" (1 mm)
    Fine: 1/8" (2 mm)
    Medium: 1/4" (5 mm)
    Coarse: 1/2" (10 mm)
    Reception angle
    ± 45º min
    Working radius (laser dependent) 3' to 1,500' (1 - 460 m)
    Laser detection height 5" (127 mm)
    Numeric readout height
    4" (102 mm)
    Detectable spectrum
    610 to 780 nm
    LED grade indicators
    Front, green on-grade, red hi/low
    Automatic shutoff
    Selectable, 30 min, 24 hrs, off
    Power source
    2 1.5V AA batteries (60+ hrs)
    Operating temperature
    -4º F to +140º F (-20º C to +60º C)
    Water and dust resistant
    Shipping dimensions
    8" x 3" x 1.4" (203 x 122 x 86 mm)
    Shipping weight
    22.9 oz (650 g)
    3 year
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